domenica 14 novembre 2010

Corset: a garmet ... straight and curved!

The history of the corset shows us how this garment is designed by following and emphasizing as much as possible the female body; so it has sinuous and curved shapes. But, given the function to tighten the waist, sometimes it also presents straight and rigid parts. To better understand these are two types of corset.

Hourglass Corset
This is a drawing of the hourglass or "curvaceous corset". One of the major features of the hourglass style is that it provides more room for the lower ribs and is easier to reduce your waist-line quickly. This allows for optimum waist reduction with the minimum of effort.

Straight-Front or S-Curve Corset
This is the Straight-Front or S-Curve corset. In 1900 Madame Gaches-Sarraute, a Parisian corsetiere who studied medicine, designed the Straight-Front or S-Curve corset. This style of corset was designed to alleviate many of the stresses on the abdomen created by a corset.  It was a type of corset worn from the start of the nineteenth century until around 1907 and its name is derived from the very rigid, straight busk that was used down the center of the front. It was the most complex shape of corset ever made, because consisting of up to 48 intricately curved and shaped pieces. 

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