mercoledì 10 novembre 2010

The concept of straight in the Futurism

Futurism, artistic and literary avant-garde, conceived the pure shapes and straight lines as the most appropriate to represent the mechanization. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti proclaimed: "... the straight line will not lead us to the imitation of the Egyptians, or of primitive savages. Our straight line will be alive and vibrant, fits all the needs of the countless expressions of matter and its naked severity will be the symbol of the severity of steel lines of modern machinery. However, there is neither painting nor sculpture, nor music, nor poetry that does not feel the need for a special rate of movement, so you can apply any device that can make a rhythmic movement of the plans or appropriate to the lines". He claimed, lastly, that "... in an intersection of the plans of a book with the corners of a table, in a straight match, in the frame of a window, there is more truth that in all tangled muscles, in all breasts and buttocks of all heroes or venus that inspire modern idiot sculpture".

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