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What are the syonyms and antonyms of curved and straight?

Curved_english language
Synoyms:S-shaped, arced, arched, arciform, arrondi, biflected, circular, compass, crooked, curly, curvaceous, curvilinear, declinate, elliptical, enbowed, humped, incurvate, incurved, looped, loopy, round, rounded, serpentine, sigmoid, sinuous, skewed, snaky.
Antonyms: straight.

Curvo_italian language
Contrari: dritto || Vedi anche diritto, rettilineo, retto

Straight_english language
Synoyms: beeline, collinear, consecutive, continuous, direct, erect, even, horizontal, in a line, in line, lineal, linear, perpendicular, plumb, precipitous, rectilineal, rectilinear, right, vertical. Honest, fair.

Dritto_italian language

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