martedì 26 ottobre 2010

Straight and curved in a project about some skyscrapers

A contemporary architectural project explores the concepts of straight and curved
through a spectacular area with three main elements which take their name
from these two adjectives. The project is located in Milan and is scheduled for 2015
(year of the Expo which will be held in Milan) and promises to change
the skyline of the city in an important way.
The main project consist of 3 towers, ironically called "the straight", "the croocked" and "the curved". The croocked skyscraper was designed by Zaha Hadid and as the main element has a structure that seems to twist on itself for 190 meters and 44 floors. As regards, however, the straight and curved the plan is that the former is about 220 meters high (practically will be the tallest in Italy) on 51 floors and is signed by Arata Isozaki, while the second will be 70 meters high total with 35 floors. This was designed by Daniel Libeskind and is probably the most distinctive and original of the three development plans for that, with increasing height, are staggered so as to make it look like you're bending the skyscraper. This tower also will be used not only offices, but will host a hotel and some luxury private residences.

These three skyscrapers will rise instead of the halls of the old trade center, in a very central area of Milan. At the heart of the new district will be built a new underground metro line 5 to get you to "the straight" and "the croocked" directly.

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